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Are you tired of trying out skin care products that promise amazing results, only to be disappointed? 


Introducting you to ON-THE-GLOW La Pelle Travel and Trial Kit. This convenient kit allows you to try before you commit to the full range, giving you the opportunity to experience the benefits of the La Pelle range for yourself. The ON-THE-GLOW La Pelle Travel and Trial Kit is the perfect introduction to our skin care range. This kit includes the Purity Cleanser, Barrier Protect Serum, and Barrier Protect Balm in convenient travel sizes of 10ml, 5ml, and 1.2ml respectively. The full size Revive Skin Pad is also included, making it a comprehensive trial kit for those on the go. Whether you're looking to test our products before committing to the full range or need a convenient set for traveling, this kit has you covered.


We are dedicated to debunking the myths and skepticism that other skincare brands have caused many to experience in the industry. With our La Pelle Travel and Trial Kit, you can experience the quality and effectiveness of our products firsthand, without the commitment of purchasing full-sized items. Discover the difference our skincare range can make for your skin with our convenient and affordable travel and trial kit.

ON - THE - GLOW La Pelle Travel and Trial Kit

  • - 10ml purity cleanser

    - 5ml barrier protect serum

    - 1.2 barrier balm

    - full size revive skin pad

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